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    The quality of the double layer CTP plate is very good, we plan to sign a long-term cooperation agreement with your company. Please keep this quality.
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    Computer platesetter, U864. Although it is a 2018 machine, after receiving the machine, I did not expect that the appearance is not much different from the brand new machine. The interior is very clean.
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    I decided to increase the order quantity and my client is very happy that you brought me a high quality CTP machine.
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    Before buying, I am more worried about the follow-up problems of the machine. However, during the one-year cooperation with you, none of the problems I worried about appeared, and you still have a quota engineer to serve me. I will introduce other friends to you
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    Additional order again, double layer CTP plate.
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    Summer really didn't disappoint me. We have been discussing for two years, I have been worried that there will be many problems after the machine is bought back, but my idea is wrong, I should buy the machine back earlier, so that it will bring me unlimited profits. Thank you very much Summer, for giving such a good machine
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0.15mm-0.40mm white Processless Printing Plates High Resolution Digital Printing

Place of Origin Henan
Brand Name PLATE-CD
Model Number CD-RM
Minimum Order Quantity 3000 square
Price negotiable
Packaging Details 0.15mm,100sheets/carton,0.30mm,50sheets/carton
Delivery Time 6-10 work days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 1000000 square per month

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Product Details
Product Name Processless Thermal CTP Plate Specification 0.15mm-0.40mm
Color White Maximum Coil Width 1350 MM
HS Code 3701302400 Production Capacity 100000 Square Per Month
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Product Description

0.15mm-0.40mm White Processless Printing Plates High Resolution Digital Printing


  1. Processless printing plates, also known as chemistry-free plates or non-process plates, are a type of printing plate used in the offset printing process. Traditional offset printing plates require several steps in a chemical processing workflow to develop, rinse, and finish the plates before they can be used for printing. However, processless printing plates eliminate the need for these processing steps, hence the term "processless."
  2. Processless printing plates are designed to be imaged directly on a computer-to-plate (CTP) system without the need for additional processing. They typically consist of a photosensitive layer that reacts to laser or thermal energy during the imaging process. This layer undergoes a chemical change in the imaged areas, making them receptive to ink, while the non-imaged areas repel ink. This differentiation between ink-accepting and ink-repellent areas forms the basis for the offset printing process.
  3. One of the main advantages of processless printing plates is that they simplify the plate-making workflow. They eliminate the need for chemicals, processing equipment, and the associated maintenance and waste disposal costs. This can result in cost savings and increased efficiency for printing companies. Additionally, processless plates offer environmental benefits by reducing chemical usage and waste generation.
  4. However, it's worth noting that processless plates may have certain limitations compared to traditional plates. They generally require more precise control over imaging conditions, such as exposure and processing parameters, to achieve optimal results. They may also be more sensitive to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, which can affect plate quality and stability.


Thickness 0.15mm,0.20mm,0.25mm,0.28mm
Plate Featrues Steady Quality, Good Compatibility, Fast sensitive speed, Excellent dot reappearance, Long length
Laser energy required 150mJ/cm2,dependent on image type, configuration and resolution
Safety Light 1 hour under fluorescent lamp, no direct irradiation with natural light, 4 hours under yellow light
Run Length Up to 200,000 impressions with head-set/commercial cold-set web presses
Up to 100,000 impressions with sheet fed presses
Up to 50,000 impressions for offset packaging(non UV)
Up to 30,000 impressions for UV-ink applications
Dependent upon image resolution, press, press chemistry, ink, and paper conditions.
Developing time



  1. Chemical-free: The most prominent feature of processless plates is their elimination of chemical processing. They do not require developers, rinses, or other chemical solutions typically used in traditional plate-making processes. This simplifies the workflow, reduces costs associated with chemicals, and eliminates the need for chemical waste disposal.

  2. Streamlined workflow: Processless plates streamline the plate-making process by eliminating the need for intermediate processing steps. Once imaged on a computer-to-plate (CTP) system, the plates are ready for use without any additional processing. This saves time and improves efficiency in the printing workflow.

  3. Environmental friendliness: With no chemical processing involved, processless plates offer environmental benefits. They reduce the consumption of chemicals and eliminate the generation of chemical waste, resulting in a more sustainable printing process. This feature aligns with the growing emphasis on eco-friendly practices in the printing industry.

  4. Cost savings: By eliminating the need for chemicals and processing equipment, processless plates can lead to cost savings for printing companies. They reduce the expenses associated with purchasing, storing, and disposing of chemicals. Additionally, the simplified workflow can increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

  5. Image quality: Processless plates are designed to deliver high-quality printing results. They offer excellent image resolution and sharpness, enabling precise reproduction of fine details, text, and graphics. However, achieving optimal image quality may require careful control of imaging conditions, such as exposure and processing parameters.

  6. Plate stability: Processless plates are typically designed for short- to medium-run print jobs. They offer good durability and stability during the printing process, allowing for consistent and reliable performance. However, it's important to note that their stability may be influenced by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.

  7. Compatibility: Processless plates are available in various formats and sizes, making them compatible with different types of offset printing presses. They can be used in both sheet-fed and web-fed printing applications, offering versatility to meet different printing requirements.



0.15mm-0.40mm white Processless Printing Plates High Resolution Digital Printing 0

  1. Chuangda Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a highly reputable manufacturer and supplier of premium printing plates, known for its unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in the printing industry. The company has been a frontrunner since its establishment in 2004, continuously adapting to market demands and investing in state-of-the-art technology.
  2. With a sprawling production facility spanning 1.6 million square meters, Chuangda boasts one of the largest and most advanced facilities in the industry. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment, the company achieves precise and efficient plate-making processes. Their production lines are specifically designed for the production of CTCP, CTP, and dual-coated CTP plates, ensuring the creation of high-quality printing plates that meet even the most stringent requirements.
  3. Chuangda's unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, coupled with a strong customer-centric approach, has positioned the company as a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium printing plates. By continually investing in the latest technology and delivering top-quality products, Chuangda has solidified its standing as a key player in the printing industry. Customers can rely on Chuangda for exceptional printing plates that surpass expectations.



0.15mm-0.40mm white Processless Printing Plates High Resolution Digital Printing 1

0.15mm-0.40mm white Processless Printing Plates High Resolution Digital Printing 2

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