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0.25mm aluminium offset printing plates Thermal CTP Processless Plates

Product Number: CD-S

Craftsmanship: Double Layer Photosensitive Glue

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Thermal CTP Processless Printing Plates 0.15mm One Layer For Color Printing

Maximum Plate Size: 1600*1400mm

Normal Use Thickness: 0.15,0.28

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100000-200000 Prints UV CTP Plate Processless Plates 0.15-0.3mm Thickness

Model: CD-R

Plate Thickness: 0.15-0.3

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800-850nm Processless Thermal CTP Plate for CTP machine

Thickness: 0.15-0.3mm

Color: Blue

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Single Coat CTP Aluminium Offset Printing Plates Processless Printing Plates 0.15mm

Coating: Single Coat

Biggest Size: 1600*1400mm

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2 Layers CTP Violet Processless Printing Plates Fast Inking

Model: Double-layer CTP

Maximum Size Range: 1600*1400mm

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Processless Green Single Coat CTCP Printing Plates 0.3mm 20 Months Warranty

Process Requirements: Electrolysis, Oxidation

Production Thickness: 0.15,0.3

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offset print Thermal Double Layer Processless Printing Plates min size 400x300mm

Craft Coating: Two Coats

Coating Color: Blue

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0.28mm Aluminum Processless Printing Plates for book printing

Plate Model: CD-R

Longest Shelf Life: 20 Months

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single coat CTP Positive Printing Plate 0.15-0.3mm Processless Printing Plates

Coating Process: Single Coat

Number Of Prints: 180000

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Good price Treatment Free CTP Plate Europe Specific Commercial / Offset Printing online Video

Treatment Free CTP Plate Europe Specific Commercial / Offset Printing

Plate Type: CTP Plate Without Treatment

Time Of Exposure: 22-28S

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