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    The quality of the double layer CTP plate is very good, we plan to sign a long-term cooperation agreement with your company. Please keep this quality.
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    Computer platesetter, U864. Although it is a 2018 machine, after receiving the machine, I did not expect that the appearance is not much different from the brand new machine. The interior is very clean.
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    I decided to increase the order quantity and my client is very happy that you brought me a high quality CTP machine.
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    Before buying, I am more worried about the follow-up problems of the machine. However, during the one-year cooperation with you, none of the problems I worried about appeared, and you still have a quota engineer to serve me. I will introduce other friends to you
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    Additional order again, double layer CTP plate.
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    Summer really didn't disappoint me. We have been discussing for two years, I have been worried that there will be many problems after the machine is bought back, but my idea is wrong, I should buy the machine back earlier, so that it will bring me unlimited profits. Thank you very much Summer, for giving such a good machine
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Cost-Effective blue Thermal CTP Plate For Large-Scale Printing

Place of Origin Henan
Brand Name PLATE-CD
Model Number CD-R
Minimum Order Quantity 3000 square
Price negotiable
Packaging Details 0.15mm,100sheets/carton,0.30mm,50sheets/carton
Delivery Time 6-10 work days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 1000000 square per month

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Product Details
Compatible Platesetter All The Dominant Platesetters Aluminum Aluminum Alloy 1050/1060 Standard
Maximum Coil Width 1350mm Product Type Thermal CTP Plate
Resolution 1-99% At 200lpi Plate Thickness 0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30/0.40mm
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Product Description

Cost-Effective Blue Thermal CTP Plate For Large-Scale Printing



  1. The printing industry has experienced a revolutionary transformation with the introduction of CTP (Computer-to-Plate) plates. This technology has brought significant improvements in efficiency and productivity compared to traditional printing methods. By adopting a digital workflow, CTP eliminates the need for film and manual processing, enabling quick plate production.
  2. One of the primary advantages of CTP plates is the substantial reduction in plate preparation time. Without the reliance on film and manual processing, commercial printers can meet tight deadlines and handle high-volume projects more effectively. This results in shorter turnaround times for printing jobs, enabling businesses to deliver their products or services more rapidly.
  3. Moreover, CTP plates offer cost savings to commercial printers. The elimination of film and manual processing reduces material costs and labor requirements. Additionally, the risk of errors and reprints is minimized with CTP, saving both time and resources. These cost-saving benefits make CTP plates a cost-effective solution, particularly for large-scale printing projects.
  4. Furthermore, CTP plates provide greater flexibility and versatility in the printing process. With digital files, printers can easily modify and adjust the content before imaging it onto the plates. This flexibility allows for last-minute changes or customization, enabling commercial printers to efficiently accommodate client requests. The ability to make quick adjustments and produce tailored prints adds value to the overall printing experience.
Cost-Effective blue Thermal CTP Plate For Large-Scale Printing 0 Cost-Effective blue Thermal CTP Plate For Large-Scale Printing 1 Cost-Effective blue Thermal CTP Plate For Large-Scale Printing 2
PS Plate UV CTP Plate/CTCP Plate CTP Plate/Processless CTP Plate




Shelf Life 18 Months
Plate Thickness 0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30/0.40mm
Run Length 50,000-100,000 copies(Unbaked), 100,000-200,000 copies(Baked)
*Run Length varies with its printing conditions and imaging content, including paper,ink)
Baking Temperature stand oven: 220 - 230 degree Celsius for 5 minutes
online oven: 240 degree Celsius for 4 minutes
Package 0.15mm, 100 sheets per carton
0.30mm, 50 sheets per carton
Laser energy required

150mJ/cm2,dependent on image type, configuration and resolution



  1. The introduction of CTP plates has revolutionized printing workflows, providing businesses with efficient and streamlined processes that offer numerous benefits. The digital nature of CTP eliminates the need for physical plate storage and handling, reducing the risk of damage or loss. This not only saves time but also simplifies the archiving and retrieval of digital files, making reprinting easier if needed. These streamlined processes enable businesses to handle printing projects more effectively, leading to improved overall productivity.
  2. Another significant advantage of CTP plates is their positive impact on environmental sustainability. The digital imaging process eliminates the need for film and chemical processing, resulting in reduced waste generation and the elimination of harmful chemicals being released into the environment. This aligns with the growing focus on sustainable and responsible printing practices, making CTP plates an eco-friendly choice for businesses aiming to reduce their environmental impact.
  3. Moreover, CTP plates offer exceptional versatility, catering to diverse plate-making requirements and accommodating a wide range of printing applications. They provide precise and accurate reproduction of images, compatibility with various inks and materials, and the ability to produce high-quality prints. These qualities make CTP plates the preferred choice for businesses that prioritize excellence in their printed materials and seek to deliver exceptional results to their clients.



Cost-Effective blue Thermal CTP Plate For Large-Scale Printing 3

  1. Chuangda Printing Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2004, is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of top-quality printing plates and computer board making machines. With a strong commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, the company has built a solid reputation in the printing industry.
  2. Chuangda operates from a state-of-the-art production facility spanning an impressive 1.6 million square meters. This modern infrastructure, combined with cutting-edge technology, positions them at the forefront of the industry. The company specializes in the production of CTCP, CTP, and dual-coated CTP plates, known for their exceptional precision and reliability, even in challenging printing conditions.
  3. A key driving force behind Chuangda's success is their unwavering dedication to research and development (R&D). They consistently invest in innovation to stay ahead of the curve in printing technology. By taking a proactive approach, Chuangda develops cutting-edge products that effectively meet the evolving needs of the industry. This focus on R&D ensures that they can provide their customers with the latest advancements and solutions.
  4. Chuangda's commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, along with their advanced production facilities and emphasis on research and development, have solidified their position as a trusted and respected provider in the printing industry. Their dedication to delivering high-quality products and staying at the forefront of technology sets them apart and reinforces their reputation as a reliable partner for printing businesses.

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