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220V CTP UVCTP Computer Plate Making Machine U848 Second Hand

220V CTP UVCTP Computer Plate Making Machine U848 Second Hand

UVCTP Computer Plate Making Machine

U848 Computer Plate Making Machine

U848 computer plate machine

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According To The Size, The Parameters Can Be Changed
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CTCP Plate (UVCTP Plate )
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Product Description

CTCP plate making machine is also known as CTCP computer straight board machine

This type of machine uses a 48 brother laser to work with accurate imaging.
The maximum production size of the machine is 1160*920, which can fully meet the needs of commercial printing.
Very suitable for early-stage printing companies.
The machine needs a room of 30 square meters to place it.
Full set of equipment details: host, processor, computer, blower, air compressor, software


The significance of technology and environmental protection

CTP technology refers to the process of directly outputting pictures and texts to the plate through the computer. This process can eliminate the role of film as an intermediate link. The special digital plate is installed on the plate making machine, the digital imposition file is sent to the computer RIP, and then the RIP sends the electronic file to the plate making machine, so that the electronic signal is imaged on the plate by light or thermal mechanism. Using CTP plate making technology greatly simplifies the entire process, just go through: graphic typesetting-direct plate-making-printing. Compared with the traditional printing process, many processes such as phototypesetting and outputting film-film developing-film fixing-film cleaning-film drying-printing are omitted. In terms of environmental protection, this reduces the troubles of film and its development and fixing solution recycling. Moreover, even if a photosensitive silver salt plate is used in the plate making process, measures can be taken to reduce or even avoid the impact of silver and chemicals on the environment. The registration effect of the CTP plate on the printing press will be better. Because the amount of water that needs to be balanced with the ink when printing with CTP plates is also smaller, the density of the ink printed on the paper is easily achieved, reducing the inherent waste and preparation process.



Q: What is your warranty policy?

A: We provide one years warranty for all parts, if customers need five years warranty, it is also available.

Q: What is your after-sale service?

A: We provide equipment & software installation and training, as well as plate test & production training, if equipment has any problem, 24 hours customer service is online, customers will get a quick professional technical team remote diagnosis support.

Q: What is your delivery time?

A: Goods will be delivered in one or two months after order is confirmed.

Q: What service can you offer?

A: We provide OEM/ODM service, have a stronger R&D team to best support you.

220V CTP UVCTP Computer Plate Making Machine U848 Second Hand 0

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