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Min Format 400X350mm Computer To Plate Machine Equipment 220 Volt New Or Used

Min Format 400X350mm Computer To Plate Machine Equipment 220 Volt New Or Used

400X350mm Computer To Plate Machine

220Volt Computer To Plate Machine

400X350mm used ctp equipment

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New Or Used
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CTP Plate
CTP Plate Making Machine
Product Description

CTP Machine ,CTP Plate Making Machine ,Computer Plate Making Machine



Technical Parameters
Model Thermal UV
T824 T832 T848 T864 T8128 U824 U832 U848 U864 U8128
NO.of lasers 24 32 48 64 128 24 32 48 64 128
Throughput(1130*800) 13 18 23 28 45 13 18 23 28 45
Max.Min.Format MAX:1160*940 MIN:400*350 MAX:1160*940 MIN:400*350
Laser source 830nm 405nm
Resoiution 2400DPI
Loading system Automatic,Semi-Auto(Optional Auto-loader)
Plate requirement CD. 0.15-0.4 (Thermal plate) CD. 0.15-0.4 UV plate
Interface 1-bit Tiff interface and direct workflow driver,support CIP3/CIP4
Power AC220V,50-60HZ 5.5KVA
Work environment Temperature:20-25℃,Humility:40%-80%


Min Format 400X350mm Computer To Plate Machine Equipment 220 Volt New Or Used 0

Product description:

Computer plate making machine (CTP machine, CTCP machine)

The plate making adopts the most advanced and latest fiber laser, and the imaging is accurate and fast.

For plate making machines, our company has new and old machines. CTP machines and CTCP machines, split or conjoined. Choose different machines according to customer requirements.

A conventional computer plate-making machine requires a 50-square-meter room to place the machine. Keep the interior clean and tidy at all times.

The company's products have successively passed the national ISO9001 quality certification and green product certification.


Basic parameters of the machine:

  • Maximum production size: 1130*880mm,
  • Minimum production size: 400*350mm
  • Applicable sheet model: 0.15 thickness -0.4 thickness.
  • Resolution: 2,400dpi or 1,200dpi optional 2,540dpi or 1,270dpi (variable resolution option: the highest precision can reach 12,800dpi in the circumferential direction)
  • Repeatability: ±0.01mm
  • Output interface: optical fiber interface
  • Environment: allowable temperature: 15-32℃, recommended temperature: 21-28℃, relative humidity: <70%
  • Applicable: CTP plate, CTCP plate and double layer CTP plate.
  • Different models of machines have different production times and speeds.
  • The plate making precision is very high.

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