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220V 1030*930mm Thermal CTP Plate Making Machine Thermo sensitive

220V 1030*930mm Thermal CTP Plate Making Machine Thermo sensitive

1030*930mm CTP Plate Making Machine

220V CTP Plate Making Machine

1030*930mm Thermal Plate Making Machine

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2018 Years
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Thermo-sensitive Machine
Product Description

220V 1030*930mm Thermal CTP Plate Making Machine Thermo Sensitive


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1. Mature laser diode technology with automatic imaging design


McLantis CTP ensures very clear and sharp outlets and high running length. Daytime lighting operation. Any channel failure of the laser diode will not stop the CTP. CTP can use the remaining channels to work. Therefore, McLantis CTP ensures the convenience of continuous production and maintenance.



2. Dynamic autofocus


The performance of the plate-making machine mainly depends on the precise focus control. The printing plate output quality comes from the consistent laser spot accuracy. McLantis CTP adopts the third generation dynamic focusing technology. An accurate distance measurement system can detect small changes of 0.1 micron distance. Driven by the voice coil motor, McLantis CTP can track the changes of the printing plate surface to adjust the longitudinal position of the lens and ensure the constant distance between the lenses. McLantis dynamic autofocus can also avoid the blue spot and blue halo caused by the fine dust on the surface of the photosensitive drum. Each spot is exposed at the best focal length to ensure consistent, clear and sharp spots.



3. Unique point control technology


McLantis's unique graphic calibration technology can perfectly reproduce the rectangle and eliminate the dimensional deviation caused by different plate thicknesses. McLantis CTP can accurately compensate the point gain problem caused by the laser spot size. McLantis CTP can perform 1% to 99% steps perfectly. The registration accuracy of a single McLantis CTP version is 5 microns. After calibration with two different McLantis CTPs, it can reach 15 microns.


220V 1030*930mm Thermal CTP Plate Making Machine Thermo sensitive 0


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