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Heat Sensitive CTP Plate Treatment Free Double Layer Blue Coated

Heat Sensitive CTP Plate Treatment Free Double Layer Blue Coated

Double Layer CTP Plate

Treatment Free CTP Plate

Blue Coated Thermal CTP Plate

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Product Details
Maximum Print Quantity:
Coating Color Parameters:
Maximum Production Range:
Monthly Production:
2000000 Square
Thickness Range:
Number Of Conventional Packages:
100 Pieces/box Or 50 Pieces/box
Product Description

Heat sensitive CTP plate, treatment free CTP plate, double-layer CTP plate, blue coated CTP plate

Chuangda CTP offset plate CTP plate


CTP offset version Chuangda CTCP CTP thermal version has high sensitivity, good hydrophilicity, good oil ink balance, long running time and best market compatibility, so CTP version is widely used in commercial printing and newspaper printing. Whether traditional or alcohol wet board,


Perfect color print.




Unbaked: 100000-250000 copies of ordinary ink, 20000-50000 copies of UV ink


Baking: 300 to 500,000 portions of ordinary ink, 100,000 to 150,000 portions of UV ink


(The actual running length may vary depending on the machine, ink and paper conditions)


product type


CTP offset plate, Chuangda CTCP CTP thermal plate


Application Type


Commercial printing, newspaper printing and light printing


Sheet characteristics


CTP offset plate Huaguang CTCP CTP thermal plate


1. Easy to use. It can work under white light without preheating.


2. Stable quality, good compatibility, sensitive speed,


Excellent point reproducibility, long stroke


3. Fine oxide layer – excellent point reproduction,


High resolution and long stroke


4. Excellent hydrophilicity - maintain the best ink water balance


5. Unique photosensitive coating - high sensitivity and fast sensitivity


6. Stable quality and wide adaptability


Compatible plate printing machine


All common thermal plate making machine brands in the market




Grade I 99% 1060 H18 CTP aluminum alloy


Thickness of steel plate


0.15mm, 0.30mm (customized 0.20,0.25mm)


Maximum size


1650 * 1350mm


Sensitive wavelength




Exposure energy


110-130 mj/cm2


Developer temperature




development time


25-30 seconds


Security indicator


Daylight treatment for 2 hours




1-99% at 200lpi


Shelf life and storage conditions


It is recommended to store for 24 months (10-25 ℃, humidity 40% - 60%, stock height less than 1.5m, away from sunlight and direct sunlight, moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistant).




Standard marine safe packaging (100 sheets for 0.15 mm and 50 sheets for 0.30 mm. Wrap them with black photo protective paper, then put them in a solid brown carton, and finally put them on a wooden pallet for 20-60 boxes, with the outer layer wrapped with cardboard and plastic film)

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