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Green / blue coating Positive PS Plate PS Printing Plate 22-25s Production Time

Green / blue coating Positive PS Plate PS Printing Plate 22-25s Production Time

Blue Coating Positive PS Plate

25s Positive PS Plate

Blue Coating PS Printing Plate

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PS plate printing printing PS Zinc plate Positive PS plate book printing

It is completed by 22 processes and undergoes a strict quality inspection process to ensure that customers get the best quality plates.

High-quality products bring efficient reports to customers.


  • Only bring the right products to customers, not inferior products to customers.
  • PS, suitable for commercial printing, book printing, color printing. The dots are clear, the layers are clear, the ink balance is good, and the printing durability is high. Bright room operation, easy to use and fast inking. Low printing cost, surface color is green or blue, green or blue can be customized according to customer requirements
  • The unique formula can trigger a chain reaction with the photoresist, effectively shortening the exposure time. The unique low temperature drying technology protects the photoresist from inertization, enabling the photoresist to have higher sensitivity, resolution and alkali resistance.
  • The dot reduction is obvious, the coating contains special components, and the molecular weight distribution between the macromolecules is reasonable.
  • High printing durability, the printing rate of ordinary ink is as high as 500,000 times.

The plate making adopts the most advanced and latest fiber laser, and the imaging is accurate and fast.

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