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September 20, 2023
Latest company case about offset printing plate ps plate ctcp plate

Product Name:CD-V


Spectral Sensitivity:370-405nm


Exposed Energy:50-80mj/cm2

Plate Finisher:Recommended to Use PS Plate Finisher

Developer Temperature:23+/-2 degree

Dwell Time:20-25 Seconds

Baking Conditions:Apply for thermal PS Plate Backing Gum

-Static Oven:220-250 degree for Duration of 5-8 Minutes

-Online Oven:240 degree for a Duration of 4 Minutes

Safe Light:Yellow

Shelf Life:18 Months Under Recommended Storage Conditions

Run-length:60000-80000 Impressions Unbaked,100000-150000 Impressions Post-baked.Actual Run Length.May be changed According to Press,Ink and Paper Conditions.

Packaging Options:0.15mm,100 Sheets/Cartons,0.30mm,50 Sheets/Carton

Transport and Storage:Store Plate Flat at Normal Temperature with Relative humidity below 50%