CTCP printing machine ,UVCTP machine ,UVCTCP plate machine ,CTCP plate computer making machine

July 11, 2023
Latest company case about CTCP printing machine ,UVCTP machine ,UVCTCP plate machine ,CTCP plate computer making machine

Production date: 2018
Customer purchase date: February 2023
After 28 days of sea transportation, the customer finally received the machine. The outer box was unpacked and checked in detail, and there was no damage.
It was not installed immediately after arriving at the client company, and stayed in the client's warehouse for three months.
In the last week, the customer installed the machine, there was abnormal noise and the computer could not work
My engineer connected the machine remotely and did troubleshooting. The machine has no problem in general, just some small faults in the line
For this case, I made a detailed analysis. First, check the appearance of the machine after receiving it, which is correct, because it will be bumped by the outside during transportation. Then unpack the package and check the internal components. If the customer wants After staying for a period of time before installing the machine, the machine needs to be placed in a room protected from light and ventilation.
Before installation, it is necessary to remove the internal fixing devices, such as the fixing parts of the laser box and the fixing parts of the roller. Then check whether the circuit is complete.
After the installation, it can not be connected or cannot be operated. In this case, it is necessary to check the connection line and whether the line is loose.

Check the connection to the computer again.
The production software of the machine has been installed in the computer, and the customer needs to set a template of the output size by himself, and then run the machine
After outputting the first plate, it is necessary to check the imaging of the plate, if the ideal effect cannot be achieved, the parameter setting of the machine output can be changed appropriately, because the requirements of each customer are different.